Mission Statement

Children of Hope and Faith helps orphans and needy children in Tanzania, East Africa receive an excellent Catholic education. Children may be sponsored or receive a scholarship to attend a Catholic grade school or high school. The schools teach in English and are boarding schools which are a perfect situation for orphans. The students receive everything they need for the academic year. Children of Hope and Faith build and support orphanages in the Dioceses of Rulenge-Ngara and Kayanga. Schools where children are sponsored also receive help with specific projects. Periodically donations will be shipped to help the orphanages and schools.

Recent News - Posted June 3rd, 2013

Cycling for the Children - Great Ohio Bike Adventure

The Gottemoller family traveled to Tanzania with Fr. Johndamaseni Zilimi in June 2008. They came back from their visit with huge hearts for orphans and needy children. Paula and Paul participated in the Great Ohio Bike Adventure (GOBA) in 2009 and raised money toward the expansion of Angel Home Orphanage. Their desire to help the children in Africa led them to adopt three siblings from Ethiopia in 2010. Mark and Katherine are now 9 yrs. old and Maria is 6 yrs. old. They are thriving and are willing to now help the children in Tanzania by participating with their parents in the GOBA June 16th June 21st! This is no small feat as the GOBA entails biking 250 miles across Ohio (60 miles/day). The family is asking for sponsors to help raise funds for the St. George Cathedral Kindergarten classrooms!! They also want to evangelize about the needs of orphans in countries such as Tanzania as they journey across Ohio on their bikes.

Sponsorship of the Gottemoller Family GOBA: Donations of any amount may be sent to Children of Hope and Faith, 903 Bluegrass Lane, Champaign, IL 61822. You may also click on How to Help and make a donation through PayPal. Thank you for your generosity!